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Berny Tan

Curator’s Notes

Initially conceived as an unconventional drawing show, Three Sketches for a Lost Year was an exhibition series organised into three parts – MARK, CURVE, and GRID. While these are motifs inspired by basic elements in drawing practices, each part presented five artists working in different mediums, both within and without the approaches traditionally defined as ‘drawing’.

Three Sketches was thus a triptych of loose propositions that move beyond the understanding of drawing as a technique, to think of it as a sensibility – as the contemplation of lines in space, and the sketching-out of an image or idea.

In keeping with the brevity of a ‘sketch’, each of the three parts lasted for only three days (Friday – Sunday), over three consecutive weekends.

Sketch 01: MARK

DATES 18 – 20 February 2022

ARTISTS Ben Loong, Fiona Seow, Grace Tan, Jodi Tan, Victoria Hertel


Sketch 02: CURVE

DATES 25 – 27 February 2022

ARTISTS Aki Hassan, Lee Wan Xiang, Ong Si Hui, Tan Shao Qi, Tiffany Loy


Sketch 03: GRID

DATES 4 – 6 March 2022

ARTISTS Ashley Hi, Cally Tan, Catherine Hu, Lai Yu Tong, Rifqi Amirul Rosli



Berny Tan is an artist, curator, and writer whose interdisciplinary practice explores the tensions that arise when she applies systems to – and unearths systems in – her personal experiences. As an independent curator, Tan has developed a practice built on principles of empathy, sensitivity, and close collaboration with artists, accompanied by poetic, approachable writing that illuminates the processes and materialities of art-making.


This exhibition took place at Field Studies, an artist studio and art space co-curated by artists Ang Song Nian and Robert Zhao Renhui. The space aims to give voice to research-led methodologies working across interests within the ethnographical, anthropological, and environmental fields. It is also home to THEBOOKSHOW.

🏢 Lam Soon Industrial Building 63 Hillview Ave, #10-06A Singapore 669569

INSTAGRAM @threesketchesforalostyear


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